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City of Richland

625 Swift Boulevard, Richland, WA, 99352, US


Mobile Food Vendor Addendum

Applicants who complete the Department of Revenue City of Richland business license application, must submit this addendum as part of your application process.


All items in this addendum are in compliance with RMC 23.42.325

Have you submitted the Master Business License and City of Richland Addendum through the Department of Revenue?

Please visit the Department of Revenue's website, and complete the Master Business License along with the City of Richalnd Addendum PRIOR to completing the Mobile Food Vendor Addendum.

Contact Name

Please provide a copy of your valid Benton-Franklin Health District Permit

Please upload a detailed site plan showing the dimensions of the property, existing development (i.e. buildings and other structures). location of the proposed food-vending vehicle, existing and proposed parking spaces, ingress/egress, the location of all public utilities, the location of existing or proposed restroom facilities, location of outdoor seating and/or equipment(if provided) and the location of garbage containers.

Will you be located on City or Private property?

Please upload written consent from the property owner.

If you haven't already, please contact Parks and Recreation at (509)942-7529 to establish a contract and complete the Special Event Application.

For additional information and to obtain the Special Event Application, visit our website at:

Will you be using gas or propane?

Please contact Ricland Fire Department at (509) 942-7718 to schedule an inspection for your purposed food vehicle. Approval from our Fire Department is required prior to completing your application process.

By checking the box below, I agree to comply with all articles listed in Richland Municipal Code 5.04 and 23.42.325.

I agree to follow RMCs 5.04 and 23.42.325

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