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City of Richland

625 Swift Boulevard, Richland, WA, 99352, US


City of Richland Customer Service

Residential Application for Utility Services

Applications for service must be submitted before 4:00 P.M. a minimum of one business day in advance. Requests received after 4:00 P.M. will be treated as received the following business day. Any requests which fall on weekends or holidays will be scheduled for the following business day. 

For additional questions, please contact customer service at (509) 942-1104 or via email at

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Lien Notice

If there is a balance and/or final bill owing at this address from a previous resident and full payment has not been received by the final bill due date, the City of Richland shall be compelled to enforce Municipal Codes 3.28 and 14.20.040., which may result in an interruption of service(s). Prior to an interruption of service(s), a phone call or letter will be issued to the customer signing this utility account form.

Utility Account Agreement

By entering into this service agreement, I hereby grant the City of Richland permission to enter and remain upon the property of the above service address for the purpose of installing, monitoring, repairing and/or terminating utility services described in this agreement. Such permission to enter and remain upon said property shall be effective for the duration of the service agreement. I understand any failure to comply with this agreement and Richland's Municipal Codes may result in interruption of utility services.   

I acknowledge a New Account Fee of $15.00 will be a one-time charge billed to my account to cover the cost of setting up a new customer-account. 

Termination requests must be submitted a minimum of one business day in advance.  

I, the undersigned, request the City of Richland to provide utility services at the above service address and promise to pay in accordance with the City of Richland ordinance at rates established by the Richland City Council.

Deposit Notice

A deposit is required on a leased or rented property unless the customer provides a letter of credit, showing good credit history, from a comparable utility company comprised of the immediate prior contiguous twelve months. The deposit will be held as a security for the payment of any balances, which may become due for utility services at the above service address for the benefit of the named tenant in accordance with the City of Richland Municipal Code 3.26.010. If the account maintains a good credit history for twelve consecutive months as established in the City of Richland’s Municipal Code 3.26.020, the deposit will be applied to the utility account. Otherwise, the City of Richland will deduct any amount due on the account upon termination of service. Any remaining deposit will be refunded by mail to the tenant’s forwarding address or transferred to the tenant’s new Richland address, when applicable. The deposit is non-transferable to a second party.  A deposit may be reinstated at any time if the tenant meets the requirements for deposits per Richland Municipal Code 3.26.010.

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